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Eternal Eden 2.0

Eternal Eden is a challenging and enjoyable role-playing game
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Eternal Eden is a role-playing game in which you control up to four characters who must save their princess from the horrible sin committed by Downy. He stole the Fruits of Wisdom from the last floor of the Eden Tower to cook a pie for the princess, who would give him a kiss as a prize. As a form of punishment for breaking their only rule, when the Princess ate the pie, she became a horrible monster.

Throughout their journey to save her, they will have to fight against enemies, collect items, as well as solve different puzzles. The game is full of extensive dialogs between the three characters, which help develop a story and also tell you what you have to do. As you play, the characters acquire experience and develop new skills. This is very important to defeat stronger enemies and solve levels that require strategic thinking. Also, there is a great variety of objects hidden in all levels. These help you defeat enemies more easily or give you extra points.
The puzzles are also challenging and fun, and get more difficult as you progress.
As for the graphics, they are very old-fashioned looking, but this won't matter after playing for a while. Unfortunately, there is no map to guide you and sometimes you may get lost as most of the scenarios are similar.

All in all, Eternal Eden is a very enjoyable and well-made role-playing game, which fans of the genre will find very interesting and addictive.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great puzzles
  • Challenging
  • Engaging storyline
  • Long
  • Addictive gameplay


  • No map to guide you
  • Old-fashioned looking graphics
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